The Jail Ministry at PVBC is an outreach program towards incarcerated men. It is a personalized outward expression of the healing power of the Grace of Jesus Christ to these men. This is a volunteer effort that ministers to these men through our testimonies, our prayers for the men and their families, and through sharing and explaining Bible readings and how they apply to their lives and their relationships with their families.

This ministry also gives us an opportunity to:

share the freedom found in Jesus with people who are in chains.

serve as examples of faith to both the jail staff as well as to the inmates – those who might otherwise be forgotten.

provide an additional program that both assists the rehabilitation of the inmate population and aids security efforts by giving the inmates something to do with their idle time.

Also, this ministry strengthens our faith and gives us a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment for being involved in jail evangelism.

For more information, please contact Pastor Mike Gentry.