The Pearl Ministry seeks to assist the pastoral staff of PVBC by being available to minister to indivdual adult members of PVBC (ages 18 and up) in need of comfort, support, encouragement and prayer. These volunteer Lay-Caregivers will use the Scriptures, personal life experiences and biblically-based trainings received through The Pearl Ministry to meet the needs of those seeking help.

If you find that you are currently struggling through a difficult situation, need a good listener to hear about an experience that seems overwhelming to you, or you are seeking someone to pray with you and share some Godly wisdom , please contact The Pearl Ministry!

In order to set up a confidential appointment with a CARING AND COMPASSIONATE Lay Caregiver, you may contact The Pearl Ministry at 410-378-4476, ext.876 and leave a message for the Administrator, Marlene K Backert, MA; LCPC, NCC, BCPCC. You may also send an email to . These methods of communication will be checked approximately every 24 hours. (We cannot provide 24/7 or after hours crisis intervention).

The Pearl Ministry is not a professional counseling service, and is not intended to provide professional mental health services. It is Biblical and spiritual in nature. There is no charge and no payment is expected. If you have further questions, please contact The Pearl Ministry at the above numbers.